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LYObag is the new range of healthy and tasty dietary products, based on research conducted by LB LYOpharm. By following the practical weekly programme, you can quickly re-establish your natural balance without sacrificing taste!

NB: LYObag now also includes our special LYOphilized Fruits &Vegetables! Do not consume in combination with LYObag


Total diet replacement for weight control. Food used in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction. Lyophilized foods. Contains ProLYOtin®, non-hydrolyzed whey protein, purified to 90%, and SPE-VIA® a natural sweetener extracted from stevia. The whey protein and the stevia are purified using "gentle" technology patented by our laboratory. The substitution of the entire daily food ration for weight control has been formulated according to a 6-day plan. The product supplies an adequate quantity of all nutritional elements necessary in a day (Directive 96/8/CE of 26 February 1996 on foods intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction). All you have to do is follow the plan designed for you. GLUTEN FREE. HALAL.

100% TASTE

Our products are based on highest quality fruit and vegetables and are entirely free of additives and conservatives.


The lyophilized method creates a long-life product, whilst maintaining all original organoleptic characteristics, as if it was cooked using traditional methods.


It just takes a few minutes to serve a delicious dish such as steamy soup or a creamy purée. Or take a little break with a refreshing drink, a drinkable Lyogurt or fruit dessert.


The diet has been developed to offer the correct daily energy intake. All you need to do is consume 1 soup, 1 drink, 2 purées, 2 drinkable Lyogurt and 2 desserts during the day, following the weekly plan.


Our products are the result of a lyophilized process that does not alter the natural properties of the original ingredients. This is why every product has its own unique qualities and, for example, a mushroom soup has different nutritional properties to a tomato soup. The weekly plan has been designed to guarantee an adequate daily intake of nutrients, taking into account these small differences.


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